HydroCurc® for advanced curcumin delivery

HydroCurc® is a cold water dispersible (CWD) Curcuma longa extract powder, which has been specifically developed in Australia to increase the bioavailability of curcuminoids, utilising exclusive, patented LipiSperse® technology.

HydroCurc®'s LipiSperse® advantage

Utilising exclusive, patented LipiSperse® technology means the curcumin's normally limited ability to dissolve in aqueous environments (such as the stomach), is enhanced. As tumeric and its active constituents are fat soluble, HydroCurc®'s use of novel delivery system LipiSperse® dramatically increases the dispersion of lipophilic ingredients in these aqueous environments and therefore increases absorption levels. Poor or inadequate absorption robs the body from maximising the positive benefits curcumin has to offer.

Repulsive forces between the particles prevent agglomeration or aggregation: allowing HydroCurc® to have proper particle dispersion, curcumin can now disperse freely. Bioavailability is increased due to the increased surface area of thefree curcuminoids. Proper dispersion offers advantages in absorption, dosage requirements, efficacy and overall final product quality.

 Curcuma longa extract with 95% curcuminoids in water.
 The same extract but now with LipiSperse® dispersion technology added and collectively known as HydroCurc®

Pharmacokinetic Studies

Pharmacokinetic studies HydroCurc®'s enhanced bioavailability is scientifically validated through a human cross-over pharmacokinetic study, published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

Total Curcuminoids

Free Curcuminoids



Clinical studies

A 6 week study by researchers from the University of Westminster and Conventry University, with finding published in Antioxidant, has shown that the supplementation of HydroCurc® and iron can increase the amount of BDNF (Brain-derived Neurotropic Factor).
An acute study showing how HydroCurc® improved DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and Postexercise Lactate Accumulation by the University of Queensland has findings published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements.
 HydroCurc® versus Curcumin
When under the microscope HydroCurc®'s absorption can be easily seen. The primary HydroCurc® particle is well dispersed in the water as opposed to standard curcumin which behaves as a single agglomerated large particle.

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