Curcumin is an amazing anti-inflammatory agent, and powerful antioxidant, however poorly absorbed by the body.

HydroCurc® overcomes this issue with a Cold Water Dispersible curcumin extract powder.

Curcumin (Curcuma longa) extracted from turmeric is widely studied to be amongst some of the most  powerful antioxidants in the natural world, capable of neutralising free radicals in the body. Free radicals can cause damage to DNA affecting healthy ageing.

Curcumin has been rigorously studied as an anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation is well known to promote disease in the the body and a cause of many conditions.  Tumeric and standard curcumin extracts are poorly absorbed by the body.
Enhanced with LipiSperse® technology, HydroCurc® is scientifically validated, completely water dispersible and has been shown to be one of the most bioavailable forms of curcumin today. 


Increased functionality
HydroCurc® uses LipiSperse® technology which allows curcumin to disperse in water,  it can now be added to drinks and powders, gummies  in full clinical dosages.
High active loads
Unlike other products, HydroCurc® is a powder that hasn't been chemically modified or altered and it delivers over 85% curcuminoids, which are known to support cognitive, heart, joint and overall health.
Enhanced bioavailability
HydroCurc®'s superior water dispersion, delivers curcuminoids faster than standard curcumin extracts to the body. 
HydroCurc®is clinically proven to have the highest levels of bioavailability on the market today.
 "This is one of the highest concentrations of curcuminoids in a bioavailable curcumin product." RDC Global

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